RARE! '35 'Call of the Wild' BOOK tie-in CLARK GABLE United Artists ZANUCK MOVIE

RARE! '35 'Call of the Wild' BOOK tie-in CLARK GABLE United Artists ZANUCK MOVIE

We combine shipping where safe to do so. Internationals, we use Global Shipping only. Many of our items are from an old Yankee New England Maine Family estate --Hope you find something you can treasure.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so we let our photos do the talking. Be aware that camera flash and your color monitor can cause color difference –-Remember pics are closeups of item and thus exaggerated, use ruler/coin photos and/or Description for better estimate of actual size  We have 5-10 days handling due to health issues, If you need sooner, let us know and we will try to accommodate if we can




From the earliest days of TALKIES!

1935 'Call of the Wild' BOOK by Jack London"DIME NOVEL" published by LYNN Publishingtie-in promotion to the CLARK GABLE MOVIEABOUT THIS BOOK:

This little pocket size First Edition book was published by Lynn Publishing Co., New York, NY as “A Lynn Book®” during a short-lived period in 1935 (ended 1936).

Movie Poster Hard Cover Size: 4.5” x 5.75” x 7/8”; 192 pages; sewn binding

Author: Adapted from Jack London’s novel and the film by Rex Carson

Art: includes 86 motion picture stills from the 1935 Twentieth Century film

The titles began in mid-1935 and ended by the fall of 1936. They were released under the trademark A LYNN BOOK®.  A simple logo featured the trademark within a double-ring circle. 

FROM THE WEB: ''There were 17 confirmed titles produced by the Lynn Publishing Company of New York from 1935 to 1936. The Lynn books drew their content from motion pictures (10 titles) and newspaper comic strips (7 titles). The motion picture stories came from major studios such as Columbia, MGM, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, and United Artists. They included many fine stars such as James Cagney, Ronald Coleman, Clark Gable, and Charles Laughton. The comic character stories, except for Blondie and Dagwood, were taken from the less popular strips of the day.  SEE LAST PHOTO found on the Web (not included in this listing)''

ABOUT THE MOVIE:Released by United ArtistsDARRYL F. ZANUCK PRODUCTIONS / 20th Century Pictures William Wellman, Director


Clark Gable

Loretta Young

Jack Oakie

Reginald Owen

Katherine DeMille

Buck the Dog

PLOT SUMMARY: This early adaptation of the classic Jack London novel follows Jack Thornton (Clark Gable) as he travels across Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. Thornton is an adventurous prospector who makes a gold strike, only to lose it at the gambling tables. Jack's sidekick, Shorty Houlihan (Jack Oakie), spent time in jail for opening another man's letter that included a precious map outlining where gold is to be found. But the map is not enough. Thornton needs to win enough back at cards for the stake and supplies to get to the Alaska gold fields.   His luck changes when he pays $250 to save a mistreated sled dog named Buck from another Yukon-bound man, British villain Mr. Smith (Reginald Owen) who treats his sled dogs cruelly in the quest to beat everyone to the gold.  Thornton trains the wolf-dog and they bond, Buck proving to be a fine ally in the quest.  Thornton is able to outfit their sled when Buck pulls an overloaded sled 100 yards, winning the bet and reaping $1000 for his new owner.  Armed with supplies, Shorty, and Buck in the lead, Jack Thornton's future looks promising as they head toward gold.  And Buck saves the day again by preventing Smith from shooting Thornton.

--------En route, Jack is detoured from his journey when he rescues Claire Blake (Loretta Young), a woman recently abandoned by her husband in the Alaskan wilderness.  Not knowing if her husband is dead or alive and fearing the worst, Claire joins the expedition. Turns out, the map Shorty opened was in the letter addressed to Claire's husband!  One night, Jack and Claire pet Buck and their fingers touch, sparking a romance.   (available on YouTube)

From the web: 

"Very well made, with a real Yukon feel due to impressive outdoors shooting and cinematography. Good performances, especially from Oakie in a supporting comic relief role and Reginald Owen who scores high with his portrayal of a nasty rich man who's also competing with Gable for the loot. Never short on snobbish insults, and harboring a personal vendetta against Thornton's dog Buck, Owen is a delight in every scene he's in. Great pace, always interesting. Well produced and Clark Gable is ideally cast.  Best of all the versions made although deviates from the novel with the romantic subplot."



Check out our other auctions for sterling charms plus charm bracelets - Horse brasses - Outlander collectibles, too!

We think winner should be pleased.

Stored wrapped in smoke-free home. 

We put 5-10 days handling for health reasons, IF YOU NEED ITEM SOONER, LET US KNOW RIGHT AWAY we will try to accommodate if we can


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Please refer to photos (coloration is/ may be off due to flash and your monitor!)   It is HARD to photograph metal, so please note marks and glare are from flash!!!!!!!!!

 Some GENERAL information about the silver we are listing:

• FYI: it is not unusual for sterling charms to be unmarked from this era: many charms came unmarked on display sales cards that had the maker and metal info; as well as jewelry items under a certain weight did not have to be hallmarked.

• FYI: Purity marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today. Sterling Silver Jewelry up until the 1940s era was often stamped “STER” or “STG”  as well as “STERLING”. The “925” and “STERLING” mark has been continuously used throughout the years. 

• FYI: Rhodium is in the Platinum family of metals.
 It was often used in the 50s-70s to plate sterling silver to avoid tarnishing,
 In the Rhodium plating process, 925 Sterling Silver is given a nickel underplate prior to Rhodium plating. The nickel is magnetic and causes the magnetic attraction.

• FYI: Sterling: .925 silver -- European Silver: .800 or .835 or .900 silver -- Euro silver is not inferior, esp. highly collectible vintage Euro silver



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**Buyers Remorse. 

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**Doesn't fit.   

**Bid or Bought without asking questions

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**Bid or Bought – quote - “By Mistake”

And other such unwarranted excuses

If you go through return system, expect a partial refund unless item is not as described.

--- Again, read #1 again. Buyers are expected to read entire listing, compare measurements, use photos, and ask questions if anything is unclear BEFORE bidding/buying.  Thanks for your understanding.

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PLEASE NOTE ABOUT THE CLOTHING/WEARABLES WE LIST: Any clothing /shoes/accessories we list are helping us to clean out our own closets, to empty boxes of stored goods from a friend’s boutique that went out of business, and to find homes for garments from catalog photo-shoots. We sell as-is with no returns. We are now retired and moving things forward before we ourselves “move forward!!!”

---For all clothing/wearables we sell - new and especially used - we check for holes, tears, wear, spots, or any other imperfections before we list.  Whether new or used, we have made every attempt to note any flaws in our listings, but may miss something due to aging eyes and/or sheer ignorance about a particular item.

---We ask you to understand that even if we missed something in the description, you are still getting a BARGAIN compared to buying retail, so YOU may need to have the item cleaned, shaped, restored, refreshed, get a button replaced, stitch where threads have come loose, whatever...  

----Many are just simply wrinkled from storage... Many can be worn as they are, but would benefit from a pressing or cleaning at winner's discretion -- especially worn garments, or even if clothing in new "store" condition, with or without tags, or New Old Stock, because they were once hanging on racks or in store displays, handled by shoppers, dumped in carts, possibly dropped, certainly tried on, some taken home & then returned to store, -- and/or often have a dingy look from dust and light soiling from handling, or evidence of being in storage.


Gramma used to say "When in doubt, dont!"

Check our feedback on clothing we sell: no one has complained yet!!!


“If your knees aren't green or muddy by the end of the day, 

you seriously ought to re-examine your life.”  – Calvin and Hobbes

“Muddy knees have got me all a-quiver…”  – Monty Python




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